Minggu, 07 April 2013

another opportunities

there's only 1 man who loves to sneaked into my room at my birthday.. sigh..
how dare you..

Jumat, 05 April 2013

17 years

so, basically today is my birthday (yay). and I am mourning. the dog that me and my family pet for 17 years has passed away. he is very old and got sick. some parts of me dying, vanishing maybe. but thank god I chose the right path to took him home after a week in hospital. first, we fight for him then second, we are preparing everything for his 'last time'. so, after considering so many ways for him we just have to make him spend the rest of his life at home where he's been lived in. he's gone when I was on my way home, and when my mom went to the mini market for about 10 minutes. I guess he chose that way so nobody can see him gone. when I got home, I threw myself to him, hugged him, whispered anything I wanted to say, crying out loud. 
it was the lowest point of my life ever. 

he left on my birthday.

but we are not regretting anything. he was happy and always will.
he passed away not because of accident or illness.
because he is very old and he can lived for 17 years which is very amazing,
and always been healthy.
he is lovable dog.

but only 2 questions for him.
do you know that we love you so much?
are you happy?

itsy bitsy #4

no make up is okay, but please